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Nurse Clinics

Puppy and kitten

For advice on worming/flea treatments, neutering, basic behaviour, toilet training and socialisation. This clinic is a great opportunity for your new pet to learn that coming to the vet isn't always a bad experience! Even if you want to bring them in for a play and little treat please feel free.


If your pet is 7 years old or more, did you know he/she is classed as geriatric?

Our clinics advise you on tell tale signs of age related illnesses, for example, kidney problems, tooth decay, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism etc. Some diseases, if caught early, can be treated or managed successfully with medication.

A simple urine test may be all it takes to diagnose or rule out kidney problems. Any urine or blood testing will be charged but with a discounted rate through our clinics.

Weight clinics

For those pets needing to either gain or lose a few pounds. Our nurses will be able to give advice on diet food, exercise and create an individual weight plan for your pet.

Blood glucose monitoring and urine sample testing will be available for a small fee, as obese pets are susceptible to diseases such as diabetes. The fee for these clinics is £5.50


The Animal Clinic

Tel: 020 8319 3033

Blackheath Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8858 5151

Mayow Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8659 4496

Mitcham Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8640 5766

Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8674 3525

Croydon Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8655 0235

Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8540 7275

The Corner Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8641 6126

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