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Could your older dog be suffering? Find out now

Dogs age quickly and it is very easy to overlook certain signs which can sometimes indicate something important. If you have noticed your pet slowing down, losing weight or acting strangely, it may just be a symptom of getting older, but any changes to your pets behaviour should be investigated by a vet.

Find out now if your dog is suffering from any of the more common ailments of age.

Obviously, nothing replaces a thorough check up so we are offering free health checks to everyone who completes our survey.

All emergencies should see a vet as soon as possible.

Download your free top 10 tips: Caring for your senior dog

Our top ten health tips has been prepared by Dane Walker MA VetMB GPCert(SAS). Dane is one our most senior vets who has over 16 years’ experience in veterinary medicine. 

The guide is free and provides some great tips to help you take care of your senior dog, keeping them healthy and well throughout their twilight years.

Download now

Get your personalised health report

To find out how well your older pet is doing and to receive your free personalised health report, please take our short survey.

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